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Inner chamber is stainless steel with thicker high grade insulating glass wool between walls .constructed with forced air circulating systems with stainless steel heaters and FHP motor for forced air draft through duct . Door having glass window for easy viewing , ON/OFF switch, two pilot lamps, control dial, Aluminium shelves with holes/ stainless steel wire frame shelves, connecting cord & plug. Heating by elements placed under ribs at the bottom & sides. Digital Temperature controllers range from 50 °C to 300°C with accuracy + 2.5°C . Power supply 220VAC. The below unit Control the heating or cooling circuit according the environmental temperature.


Model No. Size of Inside Chamber (W X H X D) Chamber Material
NOST450 300 X 300 X 300 mm Stainless Steel
NOST500 350 X 350 X 350 Stainless Steel
NOST650 450 X 450 X 450 Stainless Steel
NOST700 450 X 600 X 450 Stainless Steel
NOST800 600 X 600 X 600 Stainless Steel
NOST850 600 X 900 X 450 Stainless Steel
NOST950 600 X 900 X 600 Stainless Steel

The inner chamber is made of thick gauge Aluminum / stainless steel sheet and outside is built of thick mild steel sheet finished in durable powder coating. Temperature is controlled by a precision digital controller between 5°C above room temperature to 220°C with a variation of ±5°C supplied complete with expanded metal shelves, air regulator, thermometer tubulator, pilot lamp, 3 heat switch, plug cod & connector, power supply 220V AC.


Model No. Size of Chamber Chamber Material
NHOC400 350 X 350 Aluminium
NHOC500 350 X 350 Aluminium