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Digital Disintegration Test Apparatus With Water Bath NS940

Disintegration test apparatus is used to determine disintegration time of tablets and capsules. This instruments is designed as per phar macopeia specification. It is provided with six digits digital timers to monitor disintegration time of sample.

Features :

  • Programmable time with digital display
  • Facility to Hold and Resume the time and motor movement for quickly this integrating tablets
  • Auto stop after the Set time with Audio Alarm for enteric coated tablets
  • Manual mode of operation in case digital system fails
  • Special low RPM Motor means less noise and contant speed in even at very low/High Voltage (160-260)
  • Heating Conrol through digital temperature meter


Programmable time with digital display.

Auto stop after completion of set time with audio alarm for enteric coated teblets.

Facility to hold and resume the time and motor movement for quickly disintgrating tablets.

Manual mod of operation in case digital system fails.

Special low RPM motor means less noise and constant speed even at very low/high voltage(160V to 260V).

Heating controll through digital temperature meter.

Parameter Data
Digital Display LED
Type of Heating Water Bath
Up-Down Speed 30 ± 2 Strokes/min.
Up-Down Length 55 ± 5 mm
Time Display 1 Digit for hour & 2 for Minutes
Electric Motor Low RPM AC Motor
Number of Basket 2
Temp. Controll Digital Display
Audio Alarm at completion Yes
Hold and Resume Facility Yes
Dimension (L x B x H) 305 x 330 x 385 mm