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Digital Leak test Apparatus NS939


The instrument is used to test the quality of the packaging process and to check that the seals enclosing the product are perfectly intact. Our Leak tester is designed to find the smallest holes and imperfections in blister packs and other semi-rigid product packaging. The leak test apparatus is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for checking strips, blisters and bottles containing tablets, capsules and syrups. It also find application in the food industry where it can be effectively used to check the air-tightness of sweet packets, ready-to-eat pre- packed foods, confectionery packaging, packs of noodles, sauces etc.


Programmable test time

1mm thick SS Cabinet

Precise controll of vacuum

Hold and resume facility

Alarm at completion of test

Heavy duty Oil free vacuum pump

Parameter Data
Type 1mm Thick SS Cabinet
Time Controll Digital (0001 to 9999 sec.)
Vacuum Pump Oil free with max. Vaccum 27 ± 5%, 1/4 HP Motor
Vacuum Controll Precise Vacuum Regulator
Test Vacuum Range Adjustable (100 to 650 mm Hg)
Vacuum Display SS Vacuum gauge
Test Unit Size 200mm
Audio Alarm at completion Yes ( On time programmable)
Hold and Resume Facility Yes