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Schottky Diode, 80A, 30V, 2-Pin DO-5

Schottky Diodes are constructed with glass passivated chips and are assembled in high reliable, robust hermetic sealed housing structures. They are mechanically strong and are stable under negative environmental conditions. Schottky Diodes are used in various applications such as voltage clamping applications, solar photovoltaic systems, switch-mode power supplies, rectifiers, detectors, motor drives, etc.

Features Values Unit
Maximum Forward Current 80 (A)
Forward voltage 0.65 (V)
Repetitive peak reverse voltage 30 (V)
Surge non-repetitive forward current 1000 (A)
Maximum thermal resistance 1.0 ”ĘC/W
Maximum Operating Temperature 150 ”ĘC
Operating junction temperature range -65 to 150 ”ĘC
Approximate allowable weight 17.0 g
Package DO-5