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Zener Diode 10 Watt, 47V, 5%, 2-Pin, DO-4

This high power 10 W Zener diodes 1N2970 thru 1N3015B series provide voltage regulation in a selection over a 6.8 V to 200 V broad range of voltages. This may be operated up to 50 W with adequate mounting and heat sinking with their low thermal resistance. These devices have a very low forward voltage drop and a very fast switching feature. These device has better efficiency and high switching speed.

Features Values Unit
Nominal Zener Voltage VZ@IZT 47 (V)
Zener Test Current IZT 55 (mA)
Max Zener Impedance ZZT@IZT 14 (Ohms)
Max Zener Impedance ZZK@IZK = 5 mA 400 (Ohms)
Max DC Zener Current IZM 175 (mA)
Typical Temperature Coefficient αVZ 0.090 %/°C
Max Reverse Current IR@35.8VR 10 (µA)
Package DO-4