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Fume Hood


Specially designed to exhaust toxis or otherwise harmful vapours at etc. For protecting laboratory personal and equipments. Heavy duty motor blower exhaust system generates negative pressure with in the hood, extracting the contaminated air from the work area and expelling it into the atmosphere and preventing the fumes from excaping into the room. The unit is FRMP coated with work table of stainless steel, fitted with stainless steel sink, water tap and water outlet. Provided with sliding door made of acrylic, moves vertically up/down with counter balanced weights operated by steel rope and fitted with fluorescent light for easy working in the chamber. The front pannel is fitted with on/off toggle switches for mains, motor blower, tube light and indicator lamps to work on 220V AC.


Model No. Size of Working Area (L XB X H)
NFH500 3' X 2' X 2'
NFH600 5' X 3' X 2'
NFH700 7' X 3' X 2'