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Fully Automatic Colorimeter (LCD) NCM510


is a compact and easy to operate instrument for Photo Colorimeter analysis of %Transmission (%T) and Absorbance (OD) This is a unique system that combines convenience with accuracy and precision in analysis.

The instrument includes a wide range of filters covering wavelength from 400-700 nm in the form of in-built 9 filters. The filter setting is controlled by a rotating disc. An in-built shutter control is provided to avoid fatigue of photodiode. When the instrument is switched on, Lamp glows and light passes through the solution to the detector and absorbance or %T measurement is taken. Light source is pre-focused tungsten lamp. The instrument confirms to all general & safety standards.

Features :

  • %T & Abs
  • 1 ml Sample Volume
  • Auto Zeroing Facility
  • Highly Stable & Accurate
  • Range 400 to 700 nm
  • Soft Touch Membrane Keys
  • 16x2 LCD display
  • Provision for 6V DC Rechargeable battery operation

Product Details:

Parameter OD(Optical Density) % Transmission
Wave length range 400nm – 700nm
Peak wavelength 400, 430, 480, 500, 520, 540, 580, 620, 680 nm with built in 9 Digital Filters
LED Life 50,000 hours
Data display Absorbance, % Transmission & Wavelength
Range 0 to 2.00 0 to 100%
Resolution 0.01 0.1
Accuracy ±0.01 ±1 digit 0.1
Stability ±0.02 ±1 digit per hour
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Automation Type Semi Automatic
Calibration By soft touch keys
Sample System 1.0 ml
Test tube 10 mm
Light source Highly Accurate Laser Source (3.5V , 100mA)
Display 16x2 Alphanumeric LCD
Zero Setting Automatic
Power Supply 230 V ±10%, 50 Hz AC.
Battery backup 6V DC with rechargeable Battery ( Optional at extra cost)
Dimensions (L x B x H)mm & Waight 195 x 215 x 95 mm. Weight: 1.5 kgs
Operating Temperature 10°C –45°C
Accessories Test tube, Dust Cover, Instruction manual etc.