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Digital Friability Test Apparatus

NS937( With single Drum) & NS938( With double Drum)

Digital Friability Test Apparatus is a precision instrument suitable for measuring abrasion strength of tablets. The unit is equipped with two transparent acrylic drums which rotate at a speed of 25 +1 rpm. Each of the two acrylic drums are provided with an arm which carries the tablets along with it up to a predetermined height and allows them to fall from that specified height, while the drums are rotating, It is fitted with a digital revolution counter showing the current number of revolutions for the test. A thumb wheel switch is used to set the desired number of rotations. Provision is made to remove the lid of the acrylic drum by unscrewing just one knob


  • Seven segment LED display
  • Sturdy motor to drive drumps at constant
Parameter Data
Display 4 Digit LED display
Range 99.59 minutes
Resolution 1 revolution
Accuracy ± 1 revolution
Operating Temp. 10°C to 50°C
Power Supply 230V ±10%, 50 Hz. AC
Dimension (LXBXH) & Waight 245X210X215 mm : 9.5 kgs Approx.
Accessories Drum, Dust Cover, Manual.